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GABA tea is one kind of functional tea, with special manufactured methods under anaerobic conditions. Because of richness in gamma - amino butyric acid, naming as GABA based on its initials of the special amino acid contained. In Japan it also calls GABARON, due to the release of the tea matching with the popularity of Oolong tea around 1987.
In GABA tea, the gamma - amino butyric acid is a metabolites transferred through the enzymatic function from glutamic acid under anaerobic conditions. Animal and human body clinical tests have confirmed that the tea has lowering the blood pressure function. The GABA tea’s another metabolite alanine is transforms by the aspartic acid, having sobering up the function. In fact, GABA tea is the pure natural health tea.
In recent years, medical research reports repeatedly confirmed importance of GABA tea to human body health, including capability of effectively relieving modern people anxiety, restless symptom and exhaustion etc. It also has the good stabilizing effect on woman menopause barrier and beneficial and protective effects on kidney and liver.
The development of GABA tea in Taiwan has been over 10 years. Currently, there are many products, suppliers and brands associated with Taiwan GABA tea. The tea produced in Taiwan belongs to heavily fermented tea ensuring lowering down bad GABA odor. Some taste of GABA tea is quite similar to Formosa Oolong.