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Tea and Beverage Research Station (TBRS) of the Ministry of Agriculture

  The station, formerly named Tea Manufacture Experiment Station under the Production Bureau of the Formosa Governor-General’s Office, was established in 1903. In order to develop and promote Taiwan tea, it was reorganized in 1968 as Taiwan Tea Experiment Station and to which were added Wunshan, Yuchih, Taitun and Tunding branches. Meanwhile, it was reorganized in 1999 as Taiwan Tea Experiment Station, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan. In 2003, the station had new English name, Tea Research and Extension Station (TRES). On August 1, 2023, the name was changed to the Tea and Beverage Research Station (TBRS) of the Ministry of Agriculture in conjunction with the government's organizational transformation.

  There are four main sections of research and three auxiliary units in the headquarters of the TBRS, namely the Crop Improvement Section, Crop Environment Section, Processing Technology Section, Industry Service Section as well as Secretariat Office, Personnel Office and Accounting Office. The station and its 4 branch stations are responsible for the experiment & research of Taiwan tea industry, improvement of cultivation & processing technology, extension & education. The TBRS is a unique professional organization for tea guidance and promotion with the affairs covering all tea plantations in Taiwan.