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Taiwan Specialty Teas Flavor Wheel
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Flavor Wheel for The Six Tea Types

  On the basis of the manufacturing process and flavor, TBRS has grouped Taiwan unique teas into six types and established a flavor wheel for each one of them. They are: Taiwan green tea, Fragrant strip-type Paochong tea, Fragrant ball-type Oolong tea, Heavy roasting ball-type Oolong tea, Oriental Beauty tea, and Taiwan black tea. It is TBRS 's hope in establishing these six types to gear themselves to global standards. Through this simple and clean categorization, the consumer will find it easy to discern Taiwanese tea's flavor as vegetal, floral, fruity, sweet, and roasted. Additionally, the main flavor descriptions of each tea type are indicated on the top right of their respective Flavor Wheel, at about a 30° angle. Such as, green teas’ main flavor is "vegetal", Paochong teas’ is floral, fragrant ball-type Oolong teas’ are floral and sweet, heavy roasting ball-type Oolong teas’ is roasted, Oriental Beauty teas’ are fruity and honey-scented, and black teas’ are fruity and sweet. The consumer can select a variety of Taiwan unique teas according to their own preference, and the tea producers can refer to it to increase their skill in manufacturing the above teas’ best possible color, fragrance and taste.